Wednesdays @ Hawthorn – Spring 2018/19

Key Information








  • Joining a Team/Player Registration: All players MUST “join a team”/register online. Instructions have been emailed to Captains/Organisers. The process is also outlined HERE
  • Orientation:Week 1 is used for grading/practice purposes (no points).
  • Finals: All teams play games in the Final weeks (Weeks 9 & 10). Only players who join a team /register online by Week 8 are eligible for Finals.

Uniform Policy

  • From Weeks 4-8 teams will be allocated a Bonus Uniform Point (5 bonus points in total on offer) for each week that the ENTIRE team is in a numbered Uniform.
  • All players (including substitutes) must have the EXACT SAME uniform.
  • Uniforms must have a visible number on the back of the Uniform.

Grand Final Prizes

  • Men’s Division Winners – $100 Bar Tab + $100 off the TRL Melbourne 2019 Summer Season
  • Mixed Division Winners – $100 Bar Tab + $100 off the TRL Melbourne 2019 Summer Season
  • Wildcard Winner – $100 off the TRL Melbourne 2019 Summer Season (see criteria below).


  • All non-finalists are eligible for the Wildcard ladder in weeks 9 & 10.
  • All scores from week 10 are doubled.
  • The team with the highest For and Against differential after weeks 9 & 10 will win the Wildcard.

Fixtures & Standings

NOTE: Game times are subject to change. Always check fixtures on gameday to ensure up to date kickoff times (do not rely on Spawtz email reminders)

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